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Welcome to the ITEST internal online community!

Please note that this community is ONLY for ITEST projects and the National Science Foundation, if you wish to share information about ITEST with a public audience, direct them to the ITEST public website at

Once you log into the site as a member you can view and share information privately within the ITEST community and also post items that can be viewed by the public; see the list below.

Note: As of September 30, 2012 the Learning Resource Center’s cooperative agreement with NSF has ended. The LRC’s Technical Assistance work and other community services, including the planning of the ITEST Summit, will end on September 30th. If you have questions about the program, please contact your NSF program officer.

The public website and online community resources such as webinar archives and community publications will continue to be available. The Community of Practice facilitation, which includes facilitation of the discussion lists and topical interest groups, coordination of conference presentations, and responses to queries for assistance, will no longer be available after September 30th.

Things for members to know!
  • ITEST Program Wide Summary (MIS reports)
  • STEM Education Instrument Database
  • View the ITEST LRC Overview Brochure
  • View the Reporting to NSF Guide & Sample Reports
  • View ITEST LRC Webinar Archives
  • View archives of the Annual Summit
  • View ITEST Community E-News Archives
  • Tips for Working with the Media
  • View quick links to resources in each content area related to the major themes of the
    ITEST program.

Things for members to do!
  • Create or edit website material
  • Post project photos and videos
  • Add an upcoming conference or share news
  • Share information, post questions to ITEST community members on the discussion list

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