ITEST Meeting the Needs of STEM Workforce Development

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In this September, 2010 Information Brief, the ITEST LRC, NSF’s national resource center serving STEM education and workforce development communities, shares examples and data about how the ITEST program strives to connect workforce development needs and K–12 learning in and out of school.

ITEST Learning Resource Center at EDC
Release Date: 
August, 2010
Participant type: 
Community College Faculty
Educational Administrators
Four-year College/Univ Faculty
Graduate Students
High School Teachers
Informal Afterschool Science Educators
ITEST Community
K-6 Educators
Middle School Teachers
Post-doc Researchers
STEM Professionals
Content Area: 
General STEM-related
Content Area: 
Informal Learning Settings/Approaches & Afterschool
Content Area: 
STEM Career Opportunities/Interests
Content Area: 
Teaching/Learning Methodologies
Content Area: 
Workforce Development
Content Area: 
Youth Motivation
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